Friday, June 25, 2010

Stress - How To Cope, How to Handle It

One of the most significant problems human beings face as a general population is how to handle stress. It largely depends in the way you learn how to handle stress. Learn how to handle stress by turning it into a positive force that can uplift and empower you. Want more tips on how to handle stress. Before you can learn how to handle stress you need to identify the source of your related stress. Life has its ups and downs and when the downs come, it is so important to know how to handle stress effectively so you can deal with the events without entering into a harrowing episode of stress, anxiety or depression. Knowing how to handle stress effectively means being continually aware that there is always a solution. By learning how to handle stressful feelings, by creating time our in our lives where we can recharge our batteries, and by learning how to relate to ourselves in a different way, we come to a state of being where the things that used to bother us, no longer do.

Discover what you need to feel good about yourself and get your needs met. DON'T OVERWHELM YOURSELF: If you are stressed and overwhelmed, perhaps you are trying to handle too much. Rid yourself of extra duties that aren't necessary or important. EXTEND YOURSELF: Make your own life better by making someone else's life better (unless someone else‘s life is the problem of the stress) . If you can't change the world, change yourself. Learn how to love yourself as you are, while you work towards your goals. Then, make a commitment to yourself to start improving the things about yourself and your life that (you believe) need it. Focus on the good things about yourself, and in your life. Take a few deep breaths, breathing from the stomach and chest, and gradually feel yourself becoming more relaxed. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, get involved and become a participant.

How much stress do you cause just by putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Having a positive attitude will help you assert yourself and feel more in control. You waste energy if you constantly criticize yourself or set unrealistic goals. Being able to laugh at yourself and the world can break tension and give you some relief from stress.

Enjoy having nothing to think about other than your breath and if you find your mind wandering just bring yourself back to your breathing. Take a break and take yourself away from the stressful situation. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the bigger picture, but if you take yourself away and give yourself a short-break you will come back to the situation feeling refreshed and ready to face the challenge. Talking releases stress; sometimes other people can offer solutions you didn't think of yourself. When you are stressed, remember to give yourself "treats".

If you learn about how your body reacts to stress, you can also learn how to counter that stress. Learn to listen to your body's signals and find ways to reduce your stress, even if it's just "taking five" to clear your mind. This can actually create the a reaction in the body that results in a good feeling and the some stress relief. It also increases the amount of oxygen in your body and boosts your blood circulation. The body responds to stress by going through three stages: (1) alarm, (2) resistance, and (3) exhaustion.

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