Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reincarnation and the journey of the soul

Reincarnation: The Past Revisited Belief in reincarnation, the idea that an essential part of a living being can survive death and later be reborn in a new body, is an ancient doctrine that has persisted for thousands of years. Reincarnation is believed to occur when the soul or spirit, after the death of the body, comes back to Earth in a newborn body. Reincarnation is an intrinsic part of many Native American and Inuit traditions. Reincarnation beliefs of North American Indians : soul journeys, metamorphoses, and near-death experiences. Reincarnation research is a branch of parapsychology that seeks to support the existence of reincarnation.


At the death of one personality, a new one comes into being, much as the flame of a dying candle can serve to light the flame of another. Thus consciousness is a continuous birth and death of mind-states: rebirth is the persistence of this process. There can be no form of transmitting conscious memory from one life to another, since it belongs to the world of illusion and dissolves at death. Although it is not clear what actually survives after death in this case, it mentions a mental body that cannot be injured by the visions experienced by the deceased:. The human person has a soul which will live on after physical death. So it must be considered an exception both to the natural process of death, and to the rule of reincarnation. " What happens in death is this: the Thetan (spirit) finds itself without a body (which has died) and then it goes looking for a new body. Channeling, like past life regression, is distinct from reincarnation, even though it is based on the same essential concept: death does not put an end to the entirety of one's being.

People and Other Life Times

We all have destiny and karmic lessons to learn in each life time and if we do not learn them in a present life time we will reincarnate to learn them again and again. Once we learn the lesson we do have a choice of whether or not to reincarnate or to move on to a higher level of consciousness .

The people who are presently in our lives are those that we have been with in past life times and explains why you meet someone or have someone in your life that just rubs you the wrong way but you don’t understand why that is…it’s due to a past life time where this soul has caused you some kind of grief or heartache. It also can be said that those we are very drawn to or feel love feelings for and have the feeling of meeting before but not knowing where, is a connection to a past life time where you possibly were married to the soul .

The bottom line is that we are all here for a reason and one reason only ; to learn and to love and to be the best that we can be to ourselves and to others.

More studies on this subject is to come in the near future.

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