Monday, June 21, 2010

Have Hope When In Trouble and Faith

This article is dedicated to two very special friends (you know who you are and I hope you read it) who always seem to have such terrible things happening in their lives which I have no reason why but I do believe it makes you stronger to handle anything that comes your way. This is also for some family members who could use this as a motivator.

How to have hope no matter what life throws at you. How to have hope and faith and to feel love for yourself and others. How to have hope when everything looks hopeless. How to have hope in the midst of despair. How to have hope in turbulent times. how to have hope or what can i keep telling myself to stay positive that life and thing willl get better and I will be happy. How to have Hope in troubled times and to be steadfast in our Faith.


Hope is alive when you have faith in a plan for your life, seeing possibilities for change while making progress: success. Hope makes us hold on when we could let go. Hope may be the most underrated of all emotions. Hope combined with realism is a winner. Hope and faith keep me grounded in the present and excited about the future. Hope, dreams, goals, and effort are all essential.

Hope, don't lose it and don't allow anybody to take it away from you. Hope is what saved me and kept me alive. Hope arises in our hearts as we intentionally remember God’s character and promises. Hope, like faith, is the belief in something not seen. Hope a powerful word and life sustainer.

Hope the very word caresses us and starts a feeling of hope in us even just as we repeat it to ourselves. Hope is a positive emotion, often confused with wishes and dreams, but they aren't the same things. Hope, I believe is a highly effective motivational tool to be wielded by the mind that does not confuse hope with blind faith; in the individual possessing a well prepared mind, hope is a sharpening of the senses to further their faith.

Hope springs from faith like a plant from a seed, like a stream from a source. First stop long enough to realize you probably already possess a seed of hope -- even if you don't realize it. As you can make progress, then you'll have even more hope and your own kind of success. Ask yourself, "Are hope and possibilities through faith related things. Think about the ones that seem hopeful about their future, expectations, dreams, and faith in the way things can be. You can be hopeful about your day. Turn up the happy music and sing a hopeful song. People can make you hope and feel better with the right music.


Ask yourself, "Are hope and possibilities through faith related things. If you answered "Yes," then focus on your possibilities to improve and faith to believe. That may help you understand how to use your faith and see possibilities. Believe that it can if you have faith guiding your path to work for progress toward real short term and longer term goals. "Consider and know that many things are possible if you can remember to believe and go make something happen through your faith and passion for life.

Faith, a gift from God, is one of the most powerful forces governing our universe, just as the unseen power of gravity works to pull all things down, the unseen power of faith works to lifts all things up. If you can't have faith in what is held up to you for faith, you must find things to believe in yourself, for a life without faith in something is too narrow a space to live. As our faith is tested through our trials and temptations it helps to have some guidance and support in overcoming them. If you are a religious person, pray and keep faith.


Believe that it can if you have faith guiding your path to work for progress toward real short term and longer term goals. Believe that you can meet and overcome obstacles in your life. I truly believe that energy flows where attention goes, and that’s what motivates the action that leads to outcomes. You can’t move forward if you don’t believe things will get better, which requires optimism.

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