Monday, November 2, 2009

Meditation and Relaxation

Hi Dear Ones...

We live in such a stressful world where we have to worry about everything and anything not just having to do with ourselves but those we love as well. Sometimes it feels like a bottomless pit of non ending situations (I'm referring to my sister's life) and we truly need to try to get away from our daily lives if not just for a few minutes each day.

I invite you to scroll down and look to where you see "Here Are Some Sites To Inspire You"

Once you get there you will see places where you can go to meditation rooms and soothing music to listen to. There are many programs that are free to use and there are some that give you a sample of meditations for free and if your interested you can buy their products...I am not affiliated with any of them...that is entirely up to you if you choose to main concern is trying to get you all to relax using the "free" versions because they are good enough for you right now.

So, go ahead and scroll down know till you see it. Choose the right one for you. It's time to find your peace, find your center!

Be Well!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Well, I hope you had a great Halloween. I scared all the little children to death with my witches costume and then provided them with a first hand glance of me flying around on my broom throughout the neighborhood! With all the flying around I used up all the gas I had plus energy and was unable to meet my sister Sue and cousin Lisa in Salem at midnight.......sorry you two...maybe we can shoot for next year!

On a more serious note....

I have been perfecting my new gift of "trance" through between my wake and asleep phase and have gotten interesting results however I'm finding out that while I'm talking to these guides in that sleep mode I'm learning that i have not read for the person yet. So right now there's no rhym or reason to this but soon I'm going to be conducting experiments with certain clients who come into my live chat room. If you are interested you need to come and get a reading from me and asked to be put on the list there is absolutely NO cost to partaking in the experiment except to come into the live chat room for a reading and ask to be placed on the list because I'm not asking people...this is something they must feel is what they want to do.

I'm very excited about a new course that I am taking now to be able to better my clients and to help them relax. I'm becoming a relaxation therapist and will have my degree in this soon. So those of you who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, I will be able to help you in live chat or as an email request at a reasonable fee.

That's it for now my dear ones! Be good to each other and think positive thoughts.