Monday, July 2, 2012

Help Yourself To A Serving Of Self-Help

You need to have some knowledge of what to look for and expect, from helping yourself be a better person and live a better life. You need to know what resources are available to you and who can provide you answers, as to what you need for your future. The tips below can help you with how to start. A great self help tip is to make sure your diet isn't making you depressed. If your diet consists of a lot of junk food then your mind might pay the price. Try eating healthier foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating healthier will make you feel much better. Value what is important to you. We have been raised to make compromises, but why should you conform if it makes you unhappy? Break your old habits and follow what really matters to you. If something is really dear to you, organize your lifestyle around it and make compromises in favor of what matters to you. One great tip with regards to personal development is to make a plan and stick to it. Creating a plan to achieve a goal is great, but it is only half the battle. Understand that setting up goals and making plans is easy, executing them is the hard part.

A great tip for personal development is to never quit. No matter how hard your goals are, you should never quit on them. Many people fail at their goals because they gave up. However, the people who succeed at their goals are the ones who never quit through the bad times. They stuck with their goals and eventually succeeded. Practice selflessness. When you look outside yourself to see how others in your community and in the world are living each day, you can do something to help those less fortunate. Set aside judgment and, without regard for your own feelings and prejudices, give of your time or money. When you sacrifice for others, you realize who you are. A great way to achieve better personal development is to respect yourself as well as others. If you do not respect yourself, you do not value the type of person you are and it will be much harder to improve your life. Respecting others is a great way to start respect yourself. If you have a large, seemingly unattainable goal, break it down into smaller tasks. Taking on a huge goal all at once can quickly become overwhelming. Instead, break the goal down into as many small, simple tasks as possible. Then, focus on accomplishing each of those tasks. Before you know it, all of your small efforts will add up, allowing you to reach your larger goal.

Determine why you engage in negative activities. Do you smoke because you feel the need to do something with your hands when in an uncomfortable situation or because you need the nicotine high? Do you eat too much because you are bored or lonely? Determine the reason for these behaviors and you are more likely to successfully address them. Try using the free spaces under your stairs for extra storage. These can provide you with some decent sized drawers to keep more of your stuff in. These areas are nice and cool too so they make great storage for things that are sensitive to warm or hot temperatures. Do not just talk to yourself. It is really easy to be an advisor to yourself or others. It is so much harder to actually act on it. So look at advice that you might give someone else if they were in your situation, and listen to your own words. Then act on the advice that you would be giving. Try to avoid potential triggers.

Many people have specific things that trigger their poor moods or episodes. To avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety, try to avoid the trigger. Stay out of situations that might upset you. Try to resist visiting websites or forums that might contain content that could upset you. Be wary of how you treat people. Being unnecessarily cruel to others almost never works in your favor. Make friends when you can. If you simply cannot bring yourself to get along with someone you should, at the very least, try and form some sort of civil relationship with them. Spend some time off of the internet. If you are constantly on the computer trying to find ways to resolve your problems, you are not going to fix the problem that you are stressing over. Spending less time on the computer will allow you to spend more time contributing to fixing the problem. When depressed it can be hard to eat or work up an appetite. It's important to eat a balanced diet filled with vitamins and nutrients you need. If you simply can't eat or don't feel like it try a nutritional supplement, like Ensure, that has all the vitamins and nutrients important for your body. As you have seen in the above tips, there is a lot of knowledge you can acquire before making a plan of action, in order to make positive changes to your life and yourself. Do everything you must to plan, apply and achieve your personal goals, for living more healthy and prosperous. If you are looking for ways to improve yourself, then be sure to learn more about disaster preparedness Want to get yourself inspired everyday? Then be sure to check out our quotes to live by now. Article Source:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are You Giving From A Place of Horror or Hope

Are You Giving From A Place of Horror or Hope? Five Steps to Healing Your Way to Empowered Giving

By: Coco Fossland
During times of need, many people rise to the occasion and give whatever is in their hearts. Yet, like everything, the way we give is a reflection of how we live every other aspect of our lives. Thus, even giving can become fodder for our own inner transformation. It all boils down to one simple question... are you giving from a place of fear and horror or from a place of hope and abundance?
How you give, and from where in your spirit the giving is birthed, is a reflection or a mirror of how you live your life.

When the devastating news arrived on newspapers across the world that New Orleans was under twenty feet of water in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many people - perhaps you - immediately went online with credit card in hand to donate money to help the water-soaked community. The question is, in the moments leading you to your computer, what were the deeper feelings and thoughts that drove your giving response?
Were you horrified that something so terrible could happen?
Did you feel helpless that such a tragedy could happen to you?
Were you stunned by how vulnerable the people living in Mississippi and New Orleans were and are?
Did you sense your own vulnerability?
Did you feel guilty that you are safe, happy, and well... while so many others right now, are in peril?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, recognize that at least some of your impulse to give stems from a place of fear in you. In other words, you are giving from a place of fear or horror.
Giving from a place of horror or fear is not inherently a bad thing. But it is something to observe and be aware of. Often times we express the love and care to others that we most need to give to ourselves.

Whenever you discover that you're responding from your fear, take time to focus attention and healing on the part of you that is afraid.
First, identify the fear. Look at the person or organization to which you are offering support. What is the fear that this organization brings up for you? What situation, predicament, problem, or ailment do you fear happening to you? Whether it's the fear of loosing everything, the fear of getting cancer, the fear of living in squalor, the fear of being discriminated against, or the fear of dying -- understand for yourself, which fear in you is present. On a piece of paper, write down your fear.
Second, identify the feeling. Let yourself feel your fear of having cancer, living in squalor, being oppressed, or facing death. What does that fear feel like? Identify the specific feeling. Is it rage, sadness, desperation, hopelessness, bitterness, anxiety, numbness? Write down the specific feeling that lives beneath the fear.

Third, trace back the feeling. Allow yourself to recall three other times in your life when you felt that same feeling before. Trust whatever memories from your past come to the surface first. Sometimes the incidents you recall will have little in common with the current fear, but trust that the feeling is somehow related. Write down each of the experiences and recall exactly how you felt. Notice how these three incidents from the past and are somehow emotionally connected to the fear you're experiencing now.

Fourth, understand the healing that is needed. Pick one of the three incidents from your past - preferably the one when you were the youngest. Look at that situation, and with an open heart, allow yourself to see, what you longed for at that moment in time. What did your spirit desperately want and need? Did it want safety, understanding, love, hope, attention, kindness, praise? What were you longing for? Write down whatever you notice.

Fifth, finally, give yourself healing today. Ask yourself how you could give yourself whatever you longed for in the past. If you longed for love, maybe today you could look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how wonderful you are. If you longed for hope, maybe today you could light a candle that represents hope in your living room. If you longed for attention, maybe today you could write yourself a letter of acknowledgment and praise. In other words, give to yourself today, whatever healing you longed for in the past.
As you take the action of healing, let yourself feel your relationship with your fear transform and evolve.
When you heal your own spirit in conjunction with the giving you provide to others, you open yourself to a possibility of giving from a place of hope and empowerment rather than fear and horror.
The difference between empowered giving and fear-based giving, is dramatic. Not just for you, but also for the recipient.
When you have healed yourself, you hold open the space of hope for others. Thus, you give, not only your support, but you also give the energy of empowerment, possibility, and strength. And isn't that what we'd hope to give anyway?
Author Bio
The author of the forthcoming book, The Power of Trust: Trust Yourself, Transform Your World, Coco Fossland is a nationally recognized expert in personal transformation, self-empowerment and self-healing. Blending a decade of technology and strategy consulting with her expertise in self-trust transformation, Coco's business is focused on supporting people passionate about creating businesses that make a difference in the world. She helps her clients fuse their higher path with their businesses, creating institutions and organizations that profoundly impact the world one person at a time.
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finding The Secret

Finding The Secret

There is a vast secret that many have known throughout the ages. Thousands of us are awakening to discover it for ourselves. This powerful knowledge, when applied, is enough to transform our planet into the peace on earth we all say that we want. It even transforms my life--and yours, too.

It's simple. Too simple, some will say. Yet, in all its simplicity, it is difficult to comprehend intellectually, and far more difficult to BECOME this secret every day.

At first, as with any new idea, the automatic response is, "That's nonsense." As we begin to practice this secret we begin to hope it is so. This is followed by an attitude of "Let's see if it can be done." Then it IS done. "Why wasn't this done long ago"

Here's the key concept, developed in my own words:

There is only one God--one Energy Field, one Great Spirit, Allah, Power for Good, in all creation. This Power is Love, which delights in individualizing Itself in many forms, the most diverse, the better. We can use this Power. My ongoing thoughts and attitudes produce my environment.

All ancient wisdoms taught that God is All There Is, in different words. In every religion, God, or Love, expresses Truth. In all religions, philosophies--yes, even science--this One offers Himself/Herself/Itself in different ways. There is no separation between all the religions! There can be no separation between races, nations and neighborhoods, for Energy, or God, does not separate, cannot divide. God creates by uniting.

As I realize this more each day, I continue to expand my circle of love to include more and more people and ideas, no matter how weird or destructive. "He closed his circle to keep me out, but I expand my circle to bring him in," is an old, true quote. We have an assignment, folks. We are here to create heaven on earth, wherever we are in our daily lives.

There is no separation. We are all made of "star stuff." We are all One. Why not give unity consciousness a chance and get about our business?

Does life just "happen to you"? It's easy to sit back and watch events unfold. If you don't exert your creative power in life, life will express randomly in your experience-the world of Victim Consciousness. You can make life happen on your terms, but you must make a commitment. "What? No, way," you say. "I came up here to escape commitments and the daily grind." Lots of people seem to believe that if they make a commitment, they will have to do something that they don't want to do, right? Not true!

Here's a better way of understanding commitment. Commitment is a way of choosing what you want to do and focusing your power to make it happen. It is one of the most effective techniques you can use in making your life happen on your terms.

I define commitment as the focusing of my personal power. And what is personal power? That amount of universal energy which I can access at any given moment.
You can access your personal power and create the world you want!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Path That Leads To Nowhere
by Corinne Roosevelt Robinson

There's a path that leads to Nowhere
In a meadow that I know,
Where an inland island rises
And the stream is still and slow;
There it wanders under willows
And beneath the silver green
Of the birches' silent shadows
Where the early violets lean.

Other pathways lead to Somewhere,
But the one I love so well
Had no end and no beginning --
Just the beauty of the dell,
Just the windflowers and the lilies
Yellow striped as adder's tongue,
Seem to satisfy my pathway
As it winds their sweets among.

There I go to meet the Springtime,
When the meadow is aglow,
Marigolds amid the marshes, --
And the stream is still and slow. --
There I find my fair oasis,
And with care-free feet I tread
For the pathway leads to Nowhere,
And the blue is overhead!

All the ways that lead to Somewhere
Echo with the hurrying feet
Of the Struggling and the Striving,
But the way I find so sweet
Bids me dream and bids me linger,
Joy and Beauty are its goal, --
On the path that leads to Nowhere
I have sometimes found my soul!

Corinne Roosevelt Robinson (1861- 1933)
Corinne was the younger sister of former President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt and an aunt of former First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt.
A published poet, lecturer, and orator, she began writing at an early age and in 1911, Robinson published her first poem, "The Call of Brotherhood", in Scribner's Magazine. Her first book of poems of the same title was published in 1912.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Time To Stop Seeking?

"If there are so many seekers, why are there so few finders?"
-- Eckhart Tolle

Perhaps we've misunderstood the whole concept of a spiritual journey. The term "seeker" means we are looking for something we believe we do not have now. It places all hope on the future because as a seeker, we haven't yet found our salvation.

Tolle encourages us to experience the truth of who we are by being present right now. If we do that, we don't have to seek anything. We already have everything and can relax and rejoice in the power of being.
"There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment. A man's whole life is a succession of moment after moment. If one fully understands the present moment, there will be nothing else to do, and nothing else to pursue."
-- Hagakure

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Attract the Universe and Achieve Your Goals by: Donny Pazzero

The Universal Law of Attraction can be a very effective tool in making you achieve your goals and practically everything else you want to have in this lifetime. You will realize that desire should always start from within, and the world will just obey your thoughts, actions and ideas. Here are some guidelines on how to get your objectives just the way you want.

Ask the Universe

According to the Universal Law of Attraction, ask the universe and it shall give to you. However, to achieve your goals, you have to truly have an idea about what kind of thing or event you want to happen in your life. There are plenty of items that you can ask from the world. The most common are superficial things such as money, a new car, a new house, etc. More meaningful items include better relationships with your family or wife, happiness in your job and life, etc. All of these can be given to you at the time you want and in the extent you need. To help you work out what you want find a personal development consultant who will help you identify this at a very low cost for you.

The Way You Ask

The way you ask the universe will also matter. Keep in mind that the universe will immediately hear and respond in the manner you believe in. Your first thought might go, 'I want a brand new Ferrari.' The world will then respond, 'Your wish is my command.' However, other thoughts can still enter such as, 'But it may still be when I'm in my 40's.' or 'But it will happen when I get the promotion.' or even 'It can't happen.' The world will just say yes to everything you inject in your thoughts.

The time, extent, severity and other details of your wish will be determined by your mind alone. If you have any doubt or disbelief about the power of the universe to provide, then it will truly give to you accordingly. Make sure you clean your thoughts thoroughly so that you set your goals straight and allow the universe to perform the best way.

Your Actions

Once you and your personal development consultant have set your goals and asked from the universe, your mind, thoughts and body will start acting automatically to lead towards the goals and objectives. You will subconsciously accomplish small tasks and open up a wide array of opportunities that are meant to direct you to the ultimate mark. Renew your goals each morning as you wake up and your body will just function immediately towards these.

Work both consciously and subconsciously. Remember that it also requires effort and discipline on your part to receive the best things in life. Do not expect everything to just fall into place. If you want to land that promotion, then you should start going to work early, volunteer for projects and show that you are prepared for bigger responsibilities.

Staying Positive

The Universal Law of Attraction helps you achieve your goals, as long as you remain positive. Always believe that the universe is capable of providing immediately. Anything can actually happen, in the time you have set. Always be optimistic in the face of adversary. It is not impossible that you will encounter a few problems along the way, but what's more important is how you relate to the situation in a positive light. Be conscious about what's happening and act to alleviate the effects. If every you need support with any of this then take advantage of the amazing benefits of having a personal development consultant.

About The Author
Donny Pazzero has two blogs that he uses to share his writing. He likes to write since in 12 years old. In future, he wants to create an eBook and publish it for free.

You can get more information about Personal Development and Business Development program on Answerforyou information site.
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just Imagine, You Can Experience a Whole New Life NOW

© February 2012

You’ve probably heard, "The only time we have is now, this our present moment." So this means that we can only live in the present, act in the present and experience life in the present moment. You may be asking, "If this is the case then why do I have so many problems in my life?"

Everything that happens in our life is created by a choice we made – consciously or unconsciously – via the thoughts and beliefs that we are holding in the present moment. The past is really only a memory of the past. If we dwell in the past we continue to bring forward the same past experiences whether good or bad by putting energy into them in the present moment. Our future, the things we desire, our plans or even things we are dreading are still all created in our present, right now, state of mind. This means that we can only experience joy in this now moment of time. A happy memory is really only a present feeling of happiness stimulated by thinking about the past and the only pain we can experience is the pain of the present moment. A painful memory brings forth pain and sadness that we experience in our now.

If we can get the present moment right by experiencing peace, harmony, joy, love and happiness in our now – our past and future problems will take care of themselves.

You may be asking, "How can this be possible?"

We need to monitor our habitual thinking patterns as these form our beliefs thus create our now experience. What we think about internally we bring about externally. Some people think constantly about all sorts of unpleasant things that might happen to them. They imagine quarrels, injustices, accidents, misfortunes of every kind and because they invested so much time imagining them, they truly believe them and most of what they created in their mind will be created in their life experience.

Your thoughts and images should be focused on only those things you would really like to come to fruition in your own life. Anything good is possible just as all the negative imaginings are possible. Make today the beginning of your new life. Imagine that you are living your dream life now. Remember you only have this present moment and it is this present moment that creates your next present moment.

Begin by imagining that you have no fear and nothing can stop you from doing whatever it is that makes your heart sing. Imagine that you are healthy, peaceful, giving, happy and kind to everyone you meet. Imagine all your relationships are healthy and they bring to each of you love and joy. Imagine you have the perfect job, the one that was designed by your soul; it nourishes your creativity and brings joy to your heart. It provides the money you need to not only survive the earth plane but thrive! To be happy, act happy!

Begin to see everything in your experience with a whole new set of eyes. When you view a discarded bag of Burger King on the sidewalk instead of becoming angry that someone littered; pick it up and as you throw it into the garbage give thanks that someone was blessed to eat today. View the world as kind and filled with love. Be love and see love.

When you find love in everything … your present moment will be filled with love. Every minute of every day we create in our now moment. You have the power within you to suffer in pain or live with joy, what will you continually choose?

With Love and Tremendous Gratitude, Many Blessings! Namaste,
Lisa Whatley -- xo

Author Bio: Lisa Whatley hostess of is an International Miracle Mind Mentor and Self Help Empowerment Specialist, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Published Writer specializing in personal transformation growth programs. Some of her work has been published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, Paradigm Shift, Voices of Choices, Mystic Pop and Indicator Magazines.

"The Key to Self Mastery IS Within ... Where Freedom Reigns!"

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getting Down To Essentials

"Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials."
-- Lin Yutang

Do you feel a desire to simplify your life?
If you say "yes," then set an intention to reduce the demands, stimuli, interruptions and busyness in your life. We each have the power to do this .. we simply have to begin to say "no" to those activities that don't directly serve what we want for our lives.
Everyone of this planet deserves to have some free time to think, relax and have fun. If you long for this, begin now to clear your plate and allow a new level of experience to happen in your life. Take charge. Eliminate time wasters. Make some decisions about what matters to you.
"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."
-- Hans Hofmann

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Inspirational Message

God's Plan for your life means adventures
And choices to make on your own...
And though you may
sometimes feel lonely,
You'll never be truly alone---
For all through your life
will be people
Remembering you in their prayers,
And every time you face a challenge,
You'll know there is
Someone who cares.
He'll stay close beside you
through good times...
In bad times,
He'll carry you through...
So always remember that Someone
is always remembering you.

~L. Barnes

Monday, April 30, 2012

Feeling Safe

"Oh the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are -- chaff and grain together -- certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away."
-- Dinah Craik

We cherish our best friends and our special communities because we feel safe to be vulnerable when we're in their embrace. And yet I have discovered that as long as I identify with my self-image, with my ego, there's no safety possible anywhere. When the ego is on watch, even a dear friend's truth may trigger reactions like anxiety, self-criticism and fear.
The only true safety exists in living the truth of our soul, our essence.
"Open your body and your mind to the subtler levels of experience, letting go of your attempt to control, to be right, not worrying about appearances, not trying to be safe."
-- Stephen Levine