Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Bill

Hmmm, as I write that.....Happy Birthday's bittersweet since this is the first birthday brother in law dear, that you are spending on the other side with your parents who you have not seen for awhile, your brother you have not seen in over 25 years, and your grandparents, uncles, etc. The picture of that sustains me this day as I can see you sitting on your rocking chair rocking away at the beat of the music. It's ok, we had you for many years celebrating your special day and those on the other side have not.

Just letting you know that we have not forgotten the day and that your forever in our hearts and never will be forgotten. Getting to spend your birthday with Christ must be an experience that you would never forget. Say hello to your parents for me, my dad and grandparents.

We love you,
Your sister in law Terry

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