Friday, March 5, 2010

Letting Go...How Hard It Is To Do

Written for someone who was and still is special..a soul mate is anyone that you have a true connection with in which you do not have to be in love with but instantly knows what the other feels and this can occur in a friendship, with a husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle and so on.

Broken Soul

I don't know what I have done to you; why won't you take my hand.
You said we were soul connected and now your gone, I do not understand.
My soul is dying and my heart aches with pain it causes me to cry.
inch by inch I dwindle so low to the ground without a reason why.

Differences and disagreements should matter not if true we are as said
heart to heart and soul to soul is more important than thinking with your head.
I expected more from a soul traveler, an eternal link, a partner through and through.
how could you let your anger and foolishness get the best of you.
You want to be released and so it shall be
but not only do I release the connection but also the energy

I won't hold you back from your special gifts that you must share
for the life that you have in true existance is more than anyone can bear.
So I take leave of you my dear special friend and back out gracefully.
For whatever it was that I have done I'm sorry...truthfully.
Be well soul traveler and may your future path
Be filled with love and kindness and happiness.


  1. Hi Quietsound - it's Jinnymolly and I have enjoyed your blog. This is a poem I wrote in similar circumstances:

    For My Lover That Never Was

    I was listening to that song the other day.
    You know the one: “Goodbye my love,
    Goodbye my friend…” and so on.
    It isn’t a song you like or anything.
    It just made me think of you.

    Because really, there is nothing left but that to say.
    Which is ironic, really, don’t you think?
    As actually, nothing was ever said at all.
    Just, I turned around one day and you weren’t there
    And I went on spinning for, oh so long.

    But my soul knows you. So perhaps, in some distant realm,
    Where the sun is made of butter and the sky is purple
    You sing me love songs and I read you poems
    While our bodies dance in deepest harmony
    And the stars, drunk on champagne,
    Dance in dizzy patterns of delight.

    Oh perhaps, perhaps…

    Only now: my love, my friend:
    You have been someone to me.
    But I must leave you to your choices
    And walk down to where
    The sea slides and shines like molten glass
    To far and dazzling horizons
    Where angels sing.

    (with acknowledgements to Jamie Blunt for the song reference)

  2. Hi Sweetheart!

    So glad that you like my blog and it has helped you. Your poem is just wonderful and I'm so glad that you shared it with me and others...anytime you want to chime in and comment, feel free. If you know anyone that this blog would benefit please tell them about it.

    Love you!