Monday, July 13, 2009

Words of Inspiration for the soul!

I'm going to add some inspirational thoughts that are my favorite. The authors to these are unknown at this time. If I find out who, I will give credit. However most of them were obtained from beliefnet


"Today, I open my mind to creative ideas. I respond to new ideas with enthusiasm. Each creative idea is an avenue through which I attract blessings and abundance. I have the energy I need to bring implement my best ideas. I am inspired do that which is right for me."

" I am ever expanding my awareness and attentiveness. Today I look for the beauty that is all around me. When I am willing to see beauty, I can see it anywhere. I am grateful for Life's Surprises! I look beyond the appearances and, with gratitude, receive the unseen good."

" I allow myself to relax and to remain peaceful and centered. I let go of every tension, stress or strain. My mind is at rest, my emotions are calmed and harmonized. Time of calmness brings me refreshment and clarity of mind. I rest in the realization that there is nothing to fear. I am guided and protected in all of my ways."

" I make good investments into my future by directing my thoughts. All my thoughts contribute to my happiness and well-being. I recognize and correct all limiting thoughts and attitudes. I am able to retain and recall information easily and effortlessly. It is easy for me to think creatively."

" Today, I affirm my way to success and harmonious self-expression. I freely express my powers and inherent abilities. I express myself in peaceful and loving ways. My thoughts, words, and actions are positive and affirmative. I am fearless, confident, and bold."

" I accept my own individuality and uniqueness. I take time to cultivate my gifts and talents. I take time to develop the power of my mind. All my experiences contribute to my understanding of who I am. In the process of self-discovery I experience new levels of abundance, success, and peace."

" I am willing to expand my mind and my life. I am open to new ideas which lead me to greater awareness. I am open to new experiences which make me wiser. I see every situation as an opportunity for personal development. As I grow and unfold, I contribute to growth of others around me."

"There are new opportunities at every stage of my life journey. At every turning point, divine guiding wisdom is with me. The Spirit within me inspires me to reach forward and upward. I keep moving in the direction of my dreams. My steps are steady and sure. I discover new joys along my way."

" Today, I invite abundance and prosperity into my life. All the doors to my success are open. All the channels of my provision are free. I prosper in all things that I do. I live in a never-ending flow of the universal abundance."

"Today, I align myself with the universal laws of wholeness. I am aware that wholeness and harmony are my natural states of being. I am energetic and strong. My daily habits and decisions contribute to my wholeness. I am at peace with myself and my body. I fully accept it at this given moment."


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