Friday, July 24, 2009

Adding More Inspirational Quotes

Hi everyone!

I am taking the time to thank you for visiting my blog and I'm still in the process of adding more interesting links to help inspire your body, mind, and soul. In this stress filled world we live in we need all the help we can get. Feel free to comment on anything you like or leave feedback. It's always welcomed and now some more quotes to live by. Most of them are unknown or marked unknown. If I learn of the authors I will give credit. Most of the quotes come from: Beliefnet and the inner journey. Enjoy!

Today, I honor the diversity around me.

I embrace each person as a unique expression of Life, with unique gifts and talents.

I am willing to treat others with love, forgiveness, and understanding.

I am willing to cooperate with others in bringing positive transformations to the world.

I celebrate the Spirit of life within all people.

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