Sunday, May 8, 2011

In Gratitude

To my surprise and delight, today I was given my first blog award. I have been working hard on this site, as perhaps only another blogger knows. The award was given to me by Orea, whose blog I recently discovered and have been enjoying.

Now there are a couple of rules to receiving The Versatile Blogger Award. First, you have to thank the person who gave it you by linking back to their post. Second, you have to tell seven things about yourself. Third, you have to award 15 recently discovered new blogs.

Here are seven things about me:

1) My name is Terry; I was born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and now living in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

2) I will be married 24 years in Oct to a wonderful man who is considerate of others.

3) I was not blessed with Children but I do have two dogs and two black cats and an enormous fish tank.

4) I'm a very gifted person and was born psychic and have tempered my gifts along the way and have been able to help thousands of people.

5) I receive a lot of different energies during the course of the day and night which does affect my moods since I feel the feelings of others whether I like it or not.

6) I have Lupus SLE and am in a lot of pain and don't feel good most of my days on this planet but I don't tell people how really bad I feel.

7) I do have a knack of telling stories in a very humorous way that people just laugh and laugh which makes me feel good.

I hereby give this award to the following blogs I recently discovered.

1) Azzrian Visions Spiritual Portal

2) Psychic and Metaphysical Advice for Everyday Life!

3) Derek's Home and Business Blog

4) Dee Dees Delights

5) Soul Tune

6) Ascending The Hills

7) Live Your Life Today

8) Sandyspider Gifts Blog

9) Anna's Obsession

10) Christian Quotes

11) Everything Spirit

12) Essence of Woodwork

13) Endless Life Journey

14) Daily Spiritual Tools

15) Meditation


  1. Thank you so much for including me on this reward! I will post and follow the instructions as soon as I recover from gardening - I am feeling my age haha. Thank you Terry and yes indeed your blog IS looking QUITE amazing and there are noticable changes and improvements! I also love the music you have selected for your site! I am not normally a fan of music auto playing but I do enjoy this and I like how it starts in a subtle way! : )
    Much love to you,

  2. Hi Terry. Nice meeting you. Thank you so much for the award. It's so nice to feel that I am in your blog site write now. Please don't change. Be happy because you deserve to be. I know that it's really hard to be in that situation but I also know that you, as a happy person, can overcome your health condition right now. Let the healing energies of the universe be with you. Live Life with happiness. Keep in touch Terry!

  3. Thank u so much Terry for giving me the award.. :)
    Do follow my blog dear to get the updates of my blog.. :)

  4. Thanks so much for the award. I'm honored, truly.

  5. Thank you so much for honoring me with this award, I feel truly blessed. I look forward to becoming more familiar with your blog, it already looks extremely intriguing and like a great place to get insight. ~blessings