Sunday, July 18, 2010

Self Awareness

Self Awareness

"To acquire knowledge, one must study;
but to acquire wisdom, one must observe."
- Marilyn vos Savant

Do you want something to change in your life? Then you need to create change as you go through your normal day. To do this, you need to learn to be fully present -- moment by moment by moment.

The process to bring change is quite simple, really. We need:

•To STOP and pay attention - to be fully present.

•To really see and feel what’s going on inside and outside of us.

•To choose - consciously - a new way of being and doing in that moment.

While it’s a simple process, it’s not that easy to do. Why? Because most of the time we’re unconscious! We live on autopilot, stuck in familiar old habits, and we can’t see our way out.

It’s moment by moment, day by day, little shifts in inner awareness that miraculously transform the quality of our lives.

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