Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How To STOP Being A People Pleaser..Just Say NO!

You have to learn how to say no to people if it's interfering with what your goals are and especially if it's derailing your efforts to accomplish your goal. Learn how to say no to people who only have their self-interest in mind. You're reaping the rewards of knowing how to prioritize and how to say no to people and commitments you cannot handle. It’s hard to get your priorities right if you don’t know how to say no to people. Learn how to say no to people who make unreasonable demands on you.


Whether you say "yes" instead of no out of guilt, inner conflict, or a misguided notion that you can "do it all," learning to say no to more requests can be one of the biggest favors you can do yourself and those you love. Most importantly, this tactic helps you avoid letting yourself be pressured into over scheduling your life and taking on too much stress.

There is everything wrong with you helping and then needing help yourself and not getting it. Helping others all the time will drive your boat right into the swamp and you are stuck, sometimes to a point where you can not find a way out by yourself. Do you find yourself always complying with other people’s requests, being angry inside you, but doing what they asked you to do. You find yourself saddled with responsibilities that you would rather not have. Good advice, saying No to people can be very hard but we all have to learn how to do it or else you will drive yourself crazy as others dictate what you do.

You turn into a people pleaser (not good) and before you know it, you’re doing everything for everyone else and not for yourself (does that make sense. After saying no, remove yourself from the situation, just in case the guilt sets in and you change your mind – which will only hurt you in the future, since that person knows they can play on your guilt. To summarize: 1) keep your voice firm but polite, 2) ‘close’ your answer, and then 3) remove yourself from the situation. You can't walk away from your role as a caregiver, but you can protect yourself so that it doesn't consume your life.

For More information on learning how to say no, click here! Learn to STOP being a people pleaser and to not feel guilty about it!

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