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Start The New Year Right: Learn Law of Attraction

Learn Law of Attraction with a Manifestation Journal

Learn Law of Attraction with a Manifestation Journal by Wendy S Betterini

Learning to use the Law of Attraction can often be confusing and frustrating. Even if you understand the general idea of what you're supposed to do (ask, believe, let go, receive), it's not always so clear when you're constantly bumping up against stressful situations that threaten your focus. When things around you aren't so rosy, it's easy to keep slipping back into old negative thought patterns that keep you stuck.

One of the most powerful tools you can use to overcome this problem is a manifestation journal. A journal can provide the focus and insight to help you choose better thoughts, refine your approach and gradually raise your frequency to be in alignment with what you really want to attract into your life.

Keeping a manifestation journal is very easy - and a whole lot of fun. Here's how to do it:

1) Cover the basics.

First, choose the book you want to use as your journal. It can be a formal blank journal, an ordinary lined notebook, or even a document on your computer if you'd rather type than write.

Once you have chosen your journal, start by covering the basic steps of deliberate attraction on the first page. List each step and a short description of how to do it. (Example: "Step 1: Ask - Get clear about what you really want. Step 2: Believe - Believe and know you deserve it and can have it... etc.) This page serves as a handy checklist for those times when you feel like you're veering off-track.

2) Look into the past.

The next few pages in your journal should contain an overview of your past as far as the Law of Attraction is concerned. Have you ever attracted anything into your life even if you weren't fully aware of how you did so at the time? What did you do or think that made the manifestation successful?

Have you been trying to attract something specific more recently with little success? Why do you think that is? Are you struggling with certain steps of the attraction process while others come more easily to you? Can you see any areas that you need to focus better on?

Write as much as you can about your success (or lack of) up to this point in time. This should paint a clear picture of where you stand as a conscious creator and provide insight about what you could be doing better to achieve more focused results.

3) Keep a daily record.

Now, make a list of the objects and/or experiences that you wish to attract into your life in the near future, and keep a daily record of your attempts to do so. Are you struggling to stay in a positive mind-set? Write it down. Do you keep vacillating on what you want? Write that down too. Record the things you are doing successfully and the things you're struggling with.

Every few days, flip back through the previous pages of your journal and look for patterns that might be holding you back. Do you keep letting doubt intrude on your thoughts? Are you trying to control "how" everything happens? Make note of any insights you pick up while re-reading your journal and begin to alter your daily thoughts and actions to improve your results.

When you are successful in attracting something you want, record every tiny detail of exactly what you did, how you felt, what you focused on, how long the manifestation took, and so on. Over time you will have more and more of these successes to record, and you'll have a clear blueprint to follow so you can do it again and again.

As simple as journaling may sound, it is incredibly powerful! As time goes on you'll be able to see a clear progression of growth and mastery taking place before your eyes. You'll be able to spot limiting patterns, old habits, negative expectations and more that may be hindering your progress and turn them around quickly. As a result, manifesting the things you want becomes a clearer, more focused process.

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