Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sometimes We need to help people to help themselves

I'm dedicating today's message in honor of my cousin Lynsey !

As we all are aware life today is very tough and some of us are in deep.  If you count the number of foreclosures on your street you may be surprised to learn that at least one is in foreclosure.  On my street (which I live in a Court) We have TWO going up for trustee sales.  In our neighborhood we have several.

Doing the line of work of helping those in need and trying to restore faith;  at times I find it very hard especially when it hits home and affects some of my family members.   My cousin happens to be one who is suffering and needing to put food on her table.  She is trying to make life a little better by selling some very inexpensive products (which if you look at my entire blog you will see the things that she is offering). 

I ask that you search your hearts and if you can afford to buy just ONE thing it will help so much.  Yes I know, times are tough and you may not be in a good place right now but sometimes when we reach out to help others we are actually helping ourselves.  I truly believe with all my heart that when you do a good deed then a good deed will find you in return.  So, if you can possibly help or if you know someone who can, please feel free to pass this site along to others.

Thanks for your support and your attention.

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