Saturday, February 13, 2010

This poem I would like to share with you today. It's a poem that I wrote during one of my astral projection experiences. I hope you enjoy this.

I have truly been to this place through astral projection.

In a higher plane exist a place between time and space
where the soul soars to be one with the universe.

Within the universe; there is a tiny place in which I dwell
feeling an everlasting and eternal love that swirls and dances
and embraces my soul taking me to the highest level of knowledge and understanding.

O my soul as it is filled with such acceptance,
like a feeling of coming home to be a part of something bigger.
O my soul as it sings and rejoices, no longer feeling empty and abandoned.
O my soul rejoices because at the end of the journey standing in the center will be you my dear one.
Guiding and loving me for all eternity.

As I open my eyes I realize this was a vision of what is to be.
The hands of time had played a trick on me
sending me back through time and space, I forgot
for what seemed like eternity was not
My soul and body became one
in a split second, in a heart beat, that's all it took
I was back! Back on the earth for one last look.

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