Monday, November 2, 2009

Meditation and Relaxation

Hi Dear Ones...

We live in such a stressful world where we have to worry about everything and anything not just having to do with ourselves but those we love as well. Sometimes it feels like a bottomless pit of non ending situations (I'm referring to my sister's life) and we truly need to try to get away from our daily lives if not just for a few minutes each day.

I invite you to scroll down and look to where you see "Here Are Some Sites To Inspire You"

Once you get there you will see places where you can go to meditation rooms and soothing music to listen to. There are many programs that are free to use and there are some that give you a sample of meditations for free and if your interested you can buy their products...I am not affiliated with any of them...that is entirely up to you if you choose to main concern is trying to get you all to relax using the "free" versions because they are good enough for you right now.

So, go ahead and scroll down know till you see it. Choose the right one for you. It's time to find your peace, find your center!

Be Well!

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  1. Thank you for the information! I know I need it! I will definitely check these sites out.

    Also, I wanted to give you a proper thank you for the insight you gave me tonight at liveperson. I apologize for not leaving feedback, my significant other came into the room and I had to quickly finish saying goodbye and then close the window. I think I accidentally closed the review window too :(

    Anyway, I always find you accurate and you're a lot more caring than some people on liveperson. You are appreciated! Thank you for helping me get some clear spiritual insight. It really means a lot!